An immersive application for students to learn in a different and collaborative way.

I did this by breaking down the barriers that are created in old fashion/outdated language and removing shyness as a factor in learning. By downward convergence it would make it easier for students to better grasp the text as there is less of a learning curve. Another goal was to make taking notes as intuitive as pencil and pad hence removing another barrier of thought process. Concept now been proven, scroll to the bottom to see.


The education system is flawed; everyone learns differently but get taught the same. Being an introvert or extrovert shouldn't play a factor in learning nor should the slow learners limit the quick ones. I aim to solve these problems with the implementation of:


1. Collaborative learning

2. Using technology to aid teachers and students

3. Interaction to be intuitive as possible



The home page; first point of contact with the students. The pupils are shown their timetable alongside a profile card listing the most important details e.g. current stats, tutor, house block and on the other side contact info of kin.

Below is all the subjects the individuals take at school; allowing quick access to classroom materials. Then beneath that is two sections; one the upcoming events tracker, giving you information such as due date for homework and progression of the certain piece of work. Second; showing all the groups the students are assigned to.








Students are able to compare themselves to each class and keep on track of  homework and exams.


Along with a file management section and a calendar to help keep pupils stay organized.



On this page you can find revision materials, groups in the class, upcoming homework or exams.


The graph displays the progress of student vs. class.


This section is where the students and teachers take notes, as they do so the application will convert and save a copy of the handwriting to text for easy reading – so everyone can read the notes you share without having to decipher handwriting.

Admin control


Teachers share some similar elements to the students such as the timetable and homework. The file system for each class  taught is shown along with the students in the class. At the bottom is the controls to take over the devices in the classroom and this is used to demonstrate and monitor work. The right image shows all the active devices in the class that can be controlled.

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P.S Concept got proved by Apple in their latest iteration of iPad aimed at the education sector:

 here is the keynote summarised by Verge.


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